Wednesday, April 27, 2011

March 24th & 25th - PS 53

Over the last two days I had an experience that I know will be one of the highlights of my entire year. I was able to spend 2 days going into every class room at PS 53 in Bay Terrace and speaking to the children about my platform.

I knew from the moment I spoke to the Principal Annette Esposito on the phone about my visit to PS 53 that this was was going to wonderful but my experience even surpassed my expectations. I was welcomed with a beautiful sign that some of the art student made for me and with a warm feeling from the staff and students. Principal Esposito gave me total discretion about what exactly I wanted to do with the students which was a bit intimidating at first but extremely exciting for me.

With the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes I started my 1/2 an hour lessons by allowing the students to ask me questions about myself, the pageant, what it is like to be Miss Staten Island, anything they wanted. It is amazing to hear what the students are curious about. After the questions, we labeled a food pyramid which I previously constructed. Then after the sections of the food pyramid were labeled, I asked the students to draw me a picture of any food. After they finished drawing we sorted the foods into the food groups and glued them onto the pyramids. Then we spoke about the importance of eating foods from each food group every day and the amounts that we should be consuming. Then the conversation turned to physical activity and we discussed some of the students' favorite ways to get their needed 1 hour of daily exercise. We had a blast.

With the Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade classes I started our lesson similarly, by allowing them to ask me questions. Then I read each class a book titled "Gregory the Terrible Eater." This is a story about a goat who wanted to eat food that would be considered healthy for people, however, his parents are concerned because this food is not what goats generally eat. The children loved the silly story and it was a great way to transition into a conversation about what foods are healthy for them to eat on a daily basis. Then, as in the older grades, we spoke about their favorite ways to exercise.

At the end of the two days at PS 53 I simply didn't want to leave. Many of the student had written me thank you letters and explained what they learned in our lessons, which is the most gratifying thing for me to hear. My time at PS 53 was a lot of fun and more importantly, I know the students were able to take some new knowledge about keeping their bodies healthy from our time together.

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