Wednesday, April 27, 2011

March 30th & 31st - PS29

New week, new elementary school. This week I spend 2 days at PS 29. My agenda there was slightly different than that at PS 53. At PS 29 I held assembly programs for the different grades. First, as usual, I allowed the students to ask me questions and then we played a jeopardy style game. I had 4 students compete and 4 students keep score. They answered questions about the food groups, identify which food is healthier, answer questions about exercise and also perform some physical activities. We had a blast!

With Principal Manfredi

I also had the opportunity to take the kindergarten classes into the gym and spend some special time with them. First we all sat in a circle on the floor and discussed why I was there, who I was, and I answered any questions they had for me. Then we talked about eating healthy and exercise. I had the students go into the middle of the circle and demonstrate their favorite ways to exercise. They loved showing the rest of the class what they could do. One little girl even impressed everyone with some amazing push ups. Then we all got up together and I led them in a 20 minute aerobic style exercise session. It was so much fun.

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